YLDEGART „mortui vivimus“ cassette

this fits perfectly like two compatible pieces of a puzzle: while the sun burns outside and all the happy happy joy joy human crab comes together celebrate their stupid stupid lust for life, i find this mysterious gloomy tape in my mailbox:

wow. although i was a little bit scared first listening to it, i greedy sucked up these 3 songs like some good anti-depression pills. the self-description of YLDEGART  is „egbm [east german black metal]“ and….wait, give me some seconds, i have to come to myself……..ehm yes, this description works pretty well. to me it all sounds like after they slaughtered hendrik möbus to death in the deep woods of thuringia, these guys went totally berserk and spitted out every kind of negative mood ever existed in these 3 songs. surely in one take.
this stuff makes totally sense in times like these [summer].
fuck happiness.
fuck vitality.
fuck fuck. now go send a backward-written e-mail to nerdcore[at]jesus.ch or nerdcore[at]gott.info to save one of the last copies or get hexed by YLDEGART!

nerdcore records
listen to „non omnis moriar“

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